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‘Oh, my prince! When will you come to save me?’ That’s my notable part of the song :P. Okay, so our nine undeniably gorgeous princess are having their comeback right on the beginning of this new year. They must want to great us –the fans with a warm unforgettable welcome.
I dont know since when i become their fans, but like seriously who can resist sucha perfect ladies with overflowing charisma drown in every single blinks of their eyes. Guess what group i talk about? Hahaha. Okay without further ado, they’re Girls Generation. They just unleashed their very brand new song I GOT A BOY.
To be frankly honest, i kind of dislike the song at the first heard. I was having this sort of want-to-bang-my-head-on-the-wall feeling after heard the song. It just sooo unbearably annoying especially oh-ooo-eo part. Like seriously i didn’t know what’s on SM head when they decided to make the song as their promoted song. The only thing that made it better is their flawless beauty and vibrant bodies.
Mellow out!! The all precede paragraph are just my first impression. And i was first watching the MV on my phone so it kind of explain everything why that made the song sounds so bad. But… yeah a ‘but’ here at last. I take back my words earlier. I said what? Annoying? Okay, pardon my ears then. I was having a sudden-deaf at that moment. The song is now on repeat, like YES! I LOVE IT T—-T. Totally love it. After downloaded the HD one, it’s like a major turning point. I love every bit of it whether the song, the concept and all.
First i want to talk about the concept they use in the MV. Apparently my appear-to-be-feminine unnirs want to make another significant different concept by being the bad-ass them. But still it doesn’t make them less classy though. I kind of love the gangster concept (?), it might look weird to see the girls with that kind of blink-blink trappings and messy clothes but after the third watched i got used to it. And it suits them just great. They look fierce and pretty and gorgeous, hahaha. The only thing that i can’t bear is Sunny’s head-to-toe style, it just i don’t know i can’t seem to like her style :/. I like her style better in ‘The boys’ era. About the song itself, it’s not typical the song that you would love at the first heard. Not something cathcy or ‘gee-gee-gee’ like. But just give it a try, one more try, if it isnt enough try it again, you might love it at last –justlikemerightnow.
To sum up everything in 3 words. I LOVE IT. PERIOD.
Oh, additional note i think i have a girl crush on yuri, hahaha. Pffft!


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