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The ‘Young And Full Of Running’ You


She’s relatively young and indeed full of running. I admire her spirit to be her ultimate her. She told me this evening how she dislikes one of her friend for being a cocky smart-ass. And the thing that made (or makes?) her spirit reach its peak point (still is, no?) (even though i know she’ll be okay pretty soon :P). Somehow i can feel her because i’ve been there. To be honest we share the same dream actually to be able to study abroad.

Hmm, it is very human to covet another’s achievement esp. when the object of covetous is our big rival. What makes me think is, ‘is it really necessary?’. Dear friend, i do hope -really hope, you can reach what you’ve been dreaming of -the thing you ever wanted in life, at ease. And i wasnt even joking when i said that i’ll be your number 1 cheerleader. I’m silently praying for the best. I mean it. Good luck in pursuing your dream. For ‘you’ too. Yes, you. My dear best friends. Let’s be the best version of us together.


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