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That Sentimental Day I Call ‘Tonight’

“You never know how strong you’re until you realize that being strong is the only choice remained” – Read somewhere.

The aforementioned sentence seems to be perfectly represent my mom current condition. Like seriously, God totally opened up my eyes today. I can’t barely contain my self. Too much sentimental feeling to handle at once. This is way too much for a middle-age woman. I love her so much, like really, and it hurts me real bad that i can’t do nothing to make her happy. But that smile of her is always tattooed flawlessly there. That sweet smile that never failed to calm my nerves. I’m glad God let me know how strong my mom is, like literally. She’s the exact definition of angel without wings.

“I can bear all of this by myself. As long as you and your brother do your parts well, that’s enough for  me to regain all my strength. I can only hope and pray this will never happen to both of you. But childs, somehow life is about ups and downs. Everything is going to be okay soon” – Anonymous angel called mother

Can I cry? No. I don’t even need a shoulder to cry on or someone to rely on. Just give me some space. And leave me alone.


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