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Little Tiny Thing I Do For Mother Earth


Why bother to think about ‘world’?  We are supposed to care about our own business first, or at least in the next higher sphere care about our immediate surroundings. The word ‘world’ is clearly too much to care about. But still this dominant sentimental part of me can’t stand being indifferent about it. In fact, I do care about the world. Joking? Definitely, No. Not in the right time though. Let me being the wise me once in a while by participating in this ‘Think Global, Act Local’ daily prompt.

This might be just a little tiny thing i did for the sake of caring about my mother earth. Still, let’s just pretend as if this is a big deal, Shall we? Okay, that ‘trivial’ thing i have ever done (And still is every now and then) is I prefer  to go to the –approximately 3 km food stall by foot instead of riding motorcycle.  And i do it quite often. Well, I’m not the only one though. My brother and I pretty enjoyed the long walk. It even becomes our private sentimental moment to share about A-Z things.

Well, you can call it ‘trivial’, but at least I’m one of those people who participates in reducing the amount of CFC gases that bulges on top of me by doing so, right? 😀


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5 responses to “Little Tiny Thing I Do For Mother Earth

  1. F. ⋅

    It’s all about the little things 🙂

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  3. Every bit counts. Thanks for caring about your community – and the earth as well! :O)

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