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You, From A Bird’s Eye View

it was you

That random day when I thought of giving up. You were innocently showing up in front of me. With that kind of stiff facial expression. Lightly slapping my back, asking me my number. I will never forget that tickling day. Like ever.

“But why don’t you find me?” I’m keenly remembering every details, “The day you asked me about my life story, I feel like we’re fated. Guess, I may take it too seriously.”

That one sunny day. You moved me with your gentle attitude. How you treated me like a lady. I love the way you complimented my driven disposition. You seemed to be used to it already. Whereas that was our very first met.

My eyes get teary literally wishing time flies me back to that day. Just to stop the imaginary magic watch.  To record our conversation that day and rewind the long friendly talk we ever had.

I’d gladly talk about the ‘how’ you. How you deify honesty. How your heart have been severely damaged by the so called loyalty. How you ignored that every calls just to pay me attention. How you playfully butted in my talk just to loosen up the intense atmosphere. You might look like a foolish to me at that time. But it was so endearing.

“Yes, foolish, you makes me frustrated.”

While I’m always in denial of my feeling. Finding your flaws. Your lack of self-determination. Your playfulness. Your cheesiness. Your messy look. But it grows a different impression on me later on. Because you’re always there. Your ears never left me even for a second. I miss your unconventional trait. Just because we’re a total opposite. The two contradictions that accidentally met by chance.

Again, the episodes of you in it seem to be the highlight on almost all my daily story, “Yes, there’s a chance that I fall quite hard over you. Even though I have on a cold face, my heart isn’t like that, it’s a lie. It’s because I like you so much.”

”If you’ve watched over me, you would know. if the reason you hesitate is the same as mine. Please come to me now. You can always find me here.”

And that another day. When we no longer talked to each other for a quite long time. I finally knew that we actually felt the same way…

“Just let the keys speak… It’s better like this after all.”


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