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Memories (Part I)

I was randomly listening to the song and its heartwarming melody dragged me to another dimension. Call it the past. It was as if a long movie being played in head with the song as a background music. Heading me back to my elementary school era. How I was sucha nerd back then. I’m still keenly remember my classmates’ names in elementary school, Yunia, Yuanita, Desi, Anggun, Sheila, Weni, Duta, Dwi, Eko, Krisnia, Selia just to name a few. Lots of unforgetable moments happened. Joined in some drawing competitions and got me wrap up 2 trophies. There was also that time when exchanged glittery and  colourful binder(?) papers became a major joyful sharing moment, not to mention wrote down our biodata in our friend’s binder. I was so innocently planning my future at that time. It was so heartwarming replaying every remembered moments to be honest. Can’t help not to bid a simple sincere smile J.

And then time flied me forward to my junior high school era. My favorite part among the three. Ran into much more quirky people in my life. I wasnt that type of happy-go-lucky person actually, more in the reserved type, but i was quite friendly that what made me quite noted i guess –a. Merged into many activities and organizations. Well, I was a former Osis member, was a secretary in Pramuka back then (my dictionary failed to find its term in english,so yeah,haha :P), and was in marching band (Okay, i just realiazed I wasn’t that socially awkward back then). Not to mention this precious FG band (I remember we almost named the band ‘blue’ band -__-a, pardon our weird taste!). This so called FG (Free Girls (?), consists of 6 girls Luthfi, Yunia (Vocals), Mahayu (Bass), Lia (Drum), Duhita (Keyboardist) and Me (the guitarist) of course, hahaha. Lots of precious moments to tell actually but I’m too lazy to remember all of them, hahaha. So far I love my junior high school time the most. Okay to be continued…Let my fingers rest for a while.

Memories (Part I)

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