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That one random day..
Not actually the first time i saw a guy so simple yet having such mouth-agaping experiences. Well, this guy is one of the instance. I admire the way he dressed up himself, not literally though. You can tell that he’s a living-proof of do-not-judge-people-from-the-cover. Just days ago I made a status on my twitter account “you make all the fashion statements just by dressing up your mind” (quoted from jason mraz’s song: beauty in ugly). Not just a plain meaningless sentence once you really mean the hidden message behind it. In the ever-changing environment you can hardly find the one like this one i met on my way back to dormitory by angkot (yeah, i failed in finding the english term,lol), not that i’m trying to exaggerate the situation –well, maybe a bit, but like seriously, a well-educated settle guy with his naturally come out charisma naming himself ‘anjal – anak jalanan’, gelandangan, and another unfullfashioned epithets. Later did i know, that he’s a lecture from my previous university label. How he told me and the other passengers about his experiences in several countries in an unpretentious way without having himself become such an arrogant, supposedly an arrogant will choose to ride his/her own car instead of ‘ngangkot’, sadly he refused to tell his real name though. He knew pretty well about the countries he used to live in, gave us advices that it’s greatly recommended to expand our knowledge by living in another country –that i can’t agree more, that it’s such an irony how our country kinda disregard the great peoples that have worked their butts off to get the titles following their name that even those merchantmen have a way more decent payment than lecturers should get. Talking about his appearance, you prolly will have that kind of are-you-serious look when you first see this guy, even thought that he is just a casual low estate person. But what actually matters is what’s on his mind and his disposition is enough to tell that he has a pretty well-dressed mind. All i could wrap up from our not-typical conversation is you don’t have to dress up yourself like a first-class executive to grab everyone’s attention, somehow what’s on your mind is all that matters, well, even tough it’s as well important to maintain a decent look.

That one random…

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