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“My old sister is in danger
My young sister is in danger
My aunty is in danger
My mother is in danger

Don’t teach how to dress
Teach your brain about humanity

My family is in danger
Your family is in danger
My friends are in danger
You are all in danger

Don’t rule how to walk
Watering your heart with kindness

Don’t you blame the victims
maybe you will be the next
Let’s question the law
Where has justice gone

Show respect, empathy
Live in solidarity
Improve our attitude
Justice from the mind***”

Lyric: M. Berkah Gamulya

*Tribute to rape & sexual abuse victims around the world

“62,5% of junior high schools girls are no longer virgin and 21,5  others are happened to ever done the abortion” Buser, SCTV.

Like what? Are you freaking serious? What did I just see and hear? Like are you serious or are you just in the mood of joking around with the survey result, Mr? Are ‘we’ that ‘cheap’, ladies? Where are your dignity gone? Okay, i don’t know how to properly react to this, guess my reaction is already over the top, hahaha. Like seriously this world is getting insane and here you go, there is a 21 years old girl barely ever in a serious relationship with men (she always got dumped anyway, hiks!)  and still enjoying wasting her time watching her all time favorite cartoon ‘Sailormoon’ -___-, unveil her dreams from the box and hopelessly waiting for her own Mamoru Shiba (red: Mr.Right) to show up in a Unicorn ride wears a prince-charming-like custom, okay I’m just that naive, I told you!

Then again, Are you serious about the survey?  Well, to be frankly honest i’m not really surprised about it though, but the fact that the percentage is that high and the doers are still underage kind of shocking me. Thats how curiosity rules. When religion no longer plays its crucial rule in protecting one’s self.  When the norm are effortlessly ignored for the sake of curiosity. Ladies, we are worth more than that, like seriously! Even tough  It’s good to contain your brain with sex education but that doesnt necessarily mean you can  make it as an excuse to do sex before married.

For every girl out there, dear ladies! Just in case you are currently out of your mind, If only you realized how such beautiful creatures we are actually, don’t let yourself drown in your own lust and curiosity that leads you to nothing but regret. Do treasure what you have, keep it, save it and give it to the right one, in the right time. Like seriously there are lots of positive things you can do, we are a lot more powerful and independent than what we are actually thinking. Dressed up your minds with new insights that will lift up your dignity. What’s on your mind and heart it’s all that matters.

Dear, my fellow sisters. We are indeed in danger. Because men are boats and women are ports. Lots of douche bags out there, that totally not worth-loving. That’s why it is important to keep in mind, that God’s never asleep, He’s watching us from afar. And every single tiny sin we made, it will still count as a sin afterall, what about the big one then? You guess :D. Well, I’m not a saint myself, I’ve made lots of mistakes, I’d ever been in the position of ‘curious’ and ‘want to know’, but that’s just it. Before it’s too late, we better spend our time musing that the way we value and respect ourselves is equal to what we will get in the future ^^. If you know what I mean…

Sister In Danger

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