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“You know, life is not perfect. It doesn’t always go the way you want it to. That’s the problem most people have. They just don’t see things the way they really are. Everyone’s so dogged about their expectations in life and in the end, they all get upset and disappointed.”
“Life can be divided into three zones. One each on the left and the right, flanking the one in the middle which represents only half a percent of the probability of how things in life would meet our expectations. The other two zones on the left and right represent the 99.5 percent of how things in life never go according to what we really want.”
“What exactly is happiness, then? A great, reciprocal relationship? I wasn’t too sure now. Mattew had been perfect in a certain sense, but something had been lacking. Perhaps passion. Thus, happiness could in fact be totally unrelated to love.” The Narcissist, Edmund Wee

The Narcissist Quotes

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