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God, I thought life would be easier just by doing good deeds and being sincere. I thought passion is enough to lead you to the right direction. Guess, I’m all wrong afterall. Nothing hurts me the most than wrong judgment. When people that I respect the most misinterpret my kindness –well my own standart of kindness though. Yes, It’s hard for me to open up myself and simply tell them what I’ve been going through in life. I admit I made up stories every now and then, just because I don’t find it necessarry to tell the truth. But I don’t know if it will be this painful when people judge me wrong. When I mean it in a good way. I know they care and I’m gratefully thank you God for sending me those kind of people when I’m inneed. Guess, someone’s right, that You are the only right place to tell everything afterall.

God, I thought …

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