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Well, that one word holds a special meaning for every single one I suppose. So do I. I used to wonder who could be my soulmate. I used to think soulmate is your avid lover, the one(s) who keenly keep an eye on you. Care about you, compliment you, admiring you and know every bits about you.
But I’m coming to a conclusion that soulmate is not always in the form of a lover. Soulmate, in its purest form should be a best friend instead. Well, at least for me it is. Soulmate, your soul’s best mate. The one who can read between the lines. Knows the untold. Soulmate. They are supposed to be a home. You know when we are talking about home, it is a compfy place where you enjoy being yourself, expressing your truest emotion without afraid of being judge. Well, I found it in the form of a best friend. Just like a home, they give this warm feeling inside, as if patting my back to always relax and chill out when the world is messing around with me. Soulmate, then, is as well a home. And I call it a best friend. The place where you can coming back anytime after you are tired of wandering without afraid of being awkward. They know you, understand you, and accept you even in your ugliest form. They are there. A best friend. I’m glad I can tell who my best friends are. And it’s enough with just one or two.


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