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Beautiful Stranger (spoiler)

Kana held Jase’s hand firmly. No, not just Jase’s hand she basically held. But the other part, this not superficial part that she as well took a firm hold. His heart. And all in a sudden he was lost in the deep of her oozing with elegancy gaze. It was just a mere 2 second they had physical interaction and intense eye contact. But the impression last longer. She left a special aftertaste that he couldn’t hardly forget.
Here, underneath the somewhat dim moonbeam that night. The girl in purple floral knee-length dress was secretly stealing the standing man heart away. It went on with leaving him suffering from severe curiosity for 5 years. Whether time that fooled him around or the girl who possess a mystical power and he was then under her spell.
“It is not just a casual attraction towards beautiful thing. Yes, she is indeed a beautiful thing, not to mention attractive. More than that, something about her that lingers in me. As if she lend me half of her heart by grasping my hand, and I’m in no position to reject it.” Reminiscing the scene he and the girl ever had. 


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