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200 Sajak Tentang Awan By Redika R


Well, To become a writer has been my ultimate dream because writing itself is my passion (even though, I’m not regularly writing everyday, at least I do in my subsconsious mind 🙂 ). The novel itself is done or finished long before, precisely on 2012 and I’ve done minor editing in it several times as well. As the title of this post speaks, the novel’s title is ‘200 sajak tentang awan’. Speaking about the premise which is supposed to be the cannon of every story that helps us set the guidelines, the premise of my novel is about the girl -rather naive or delusional named Bianka, who holds the belief of the existence of a true love, only that her belief is being tested by reality.
Done talking about the novel, now let’s talk about the picture, so in this writing class that I join in, it requires us to declare our dream of becoming a writer  I suppose this is a great idea, let the universe conspire as well to make it happen.


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2 responses to “200 Sajak Tentang Awan By Redika R

  1. violet freak ⋅

    how can I get this book ? I wanna read 😀 hehehehhhh

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