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Holier Than Latest Fashion Statements


‘You make all the fashion statements just by dressing up your mind.’ Beauty in Ugly – Jazon mraz

The afore-mentioned sentence to a great extent is such a soul-gatherer for the scattered selves *self-pointing*. Not only the apostrophed sentence actually, the whole lyrics from this song can cast a spirit-booster spell on those with keen enough ears to listen and soulful enough heart to comprehend the ulterior meaning behind the lyrics. It is as if Jason Mraz is exclusively consoling us, the insecure hearts, with the emerging of this song.

More often than not, especially for women, insecurity strikes because of inability to meet society’s standard of beauty or let’s just say what society requires and condemns us to be an attractive and a captivating enough woman in the eyes of onlookers. Which is we, women, transform ourselves, just to satisfy demand, what deemed to be decent by commoners. What looks normal and decent to society requires the basic preconditions of being vibrantly shaped and visually barbie-doll like and overlooks the beauty of non-interchangeable immaterial subject which is the mind. Rather ironic, we proud enough to be able to meet the standards subjectively set by others instead of being outstanding and comfortable just in our own skin.

Referring back again to the saying, as what Nelson Mandela precisely by uttering the very basic essential deathly weapon to surmount the world is knowledge, so instead of being proud to be called a social barbie doll, it is much better to first being knowledgeable or balance it between the two. As a matter of personal preference, I put the latter as my pedestal in self-development, yes, I’m investing, quite hard-headed in conforming to share, my time, in excelling my low-processing brain because I know, told you I’m not being humble here, I need a double effort to dense up my myelin so that my brain can optimally functioning.

Matt Duczeminski on his article “10 Reasons Why People Who Read A Lot More Likely To Be Successful” via portal, poured down a supremely insightful assertions on being a reader, which are:

  1. Increased Focus
  2. Goal-oriented
  3. Wise in spending time
  4. Have unorthodox perspective
  5. Reflective
  6. Exceptional writing and speaking skill
  7. Increased memory
  8. Stay fresh
  9. Educated and informed
  10. They read to relax

So, my fellow aspiring classy ladies in order to lift up our dignity for the sake of satisfying nobody’s need and to look perfect in nobody’s eyes but ourselves, let’s refer yourself back to the saying up above and fix the obsolescent or old-fashioned standards of a beautiful and classy lady that prominently dogged on superficial outlook by merging it with substantive immaterial non-visual being which is the mind. Get smart for the sake of your heart!


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