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Discordant Epic To Demigod

“Come ride with me, through the veins of history. I’ll show you a God who falls asleep on the job.”
Look, I’ll let you catch a glimpse of the face of my pride. The pride that has deeply rotten in me. My pride it is, where my feet proudly left its traces on it. Oh dear, come here! Why inched away yourself from the things that bring you only precious insights, this pride is not something mundane, you can’t cherry-pick them, nor accidentally your eyes lay a sight on it on the street. It is something, that only those with pure enough hearts, can enter into the void of my pride.
See? Beautiful isn’t it? Or replace the adjective with other similar terms, as long as they possess the same traits. Keep your mouth from wide agaping, I know my pride is worth bragging. It’s not only ‘a fake it till you become it’, my pride is simply a top notch, a first rate in its class. Oh, I hear you there bad mouthing my pride, whatever we are all entitled to our own opinion. But better watch out, my pride has a lot to offer. It’s only a temporary state of being ‘badly handled’. God is only being asleep, not for ages and ages hence –for I greatly sure.

“And how can we win. When fools can be kings.”
Oh dear, let loose your intense thought. It’s only a game they are currently playing. The affair is only a prologue to an endless victory. Their playing stormy petrel only to meet a Creon end in Antigone. The realization means to be set at the last chapter to end the climax. Had It turned out to be a tragedy or even worse a melodrama, the reason is only because of an apparent tragic flaw of its hero in play. Oh, at least, let it to be tragicomedy or even better a farce. It is not in nature for fools to be kings. They only come into being as a party pooper, never to let them owned the limelight, the universe bid a stoic amen to it. My pride will soon regain its consciousness and back in total full swing, in tune with flow of mother earth, offers certified prosperity to those happened to be on its side.

“The time has come to make things right.”
In no time.


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