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The World I Commit Myself To Live In

Just then I realized, that jots down your mind or ideas into real work, such as articles, journals, poetry or any kind of art form, is pretty important. It trains your mind to be articulate. It enhances your brain skill to think systematically. But as essential as I already noticed and as much as I love the idea of loving the process of writing. Writing as a verb is not so easy a job it actually seems. Countless times I imagine myself sitting solemnly in front of my laptop and let myself drawn in my imagination, crafting a story, or in a higher level writing an academic or scientific journal. Simply said, It really is much harder than I thought it was especially after I’m continuing my study in English Literature, the burden is felt even more dreadful, as if there are those judgmental eyes being a grammar Nazi, because I, myself, find it easier to capture someone else’s error(s) than correcting or finding mine. For that reason, I become cautious in pouring my thought into words.

Solitude, Imagination, Creativity. Those words are linked and inseparable. Again, as an introvert self, solitary is a pathway to wander into world of infinity. Into the world of unimaginable of others. Almost all widely known writers or novelist came up with a masterpiece by engaging theirselves in solitary lives. It is almost like a necessity to them. As this I’ve done reading for the 3rd times book What I Talk About When I Talk About Running by Haruki Murakami explains about the 3 basic needed-prerequisite for becoming a writer that includes

  1. Talent
    Haruki was once being interviewed for what is the most important quality a writer or novelist should possess, and talent comes up to be the most essential. “No matter how much enthusiasm and effort you put into writing, if you totally lack in literary talent you can forget about being a novelist. This is more of a prerequisite than a necessary quality. If you don’t have any fuel, even the best car won’t run.” – WITAWITAR p.77
  2. Focus

The second most important quality according to Haruki is focus –the ability to concentrate all your limited talents on whathever’s critical at the moment. Without that you can’t accomplish anything of value.

  1. Endurance

The last quality is endurance. I, myself, think that this last aspect to be the hardest to cope with, because endurance is a major contributor for cultivating the habit of writing. “What’s needed for a writer of fiction –at least one who hopes to write a novel- is the energy to focus every day for half a year, or a year or two years. You can compare it to breathing. If concentration is the process of just holding your breath, endurance is the art of slowly, quietly breathing at the same time you are storing air in your lungs.”

With those qualities being written by my respectable novelist, I feel the need to cultivate all of the qualities mentioned. But being a far from flawless human being I am, it’s always easier said than done is my self-defense to postpone the practice, at least I’m trying to, from now on? We will see, because I have no slightest doubt that crafting words is the kind of world I commit myself to live in.


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