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(Part II) Awaking Intellectual Property Awareness To Better Enhance Indonesia’s Creative Economy Industry


“Logic will only take you from A to 8, but imagination will take you everywhere” – Albert Einsten

After an enlightening explanation about the concept of Intellectual Property by Mr. Agung, an additional speaking about it by Mr. Ari was even better sharpen my understanding, as he further explained it in a less technical way. Mr.Ari is thriving in raising people awareness by actively socializing a pivotal role of Intellectual Property especially its contribution to rank up Indonesia’s economy GDP, mainly in creative economy industry; that in itself contributes in gaining the country’s PDB up to 642 million rupiah from national average percentage.

Mr. Ari mainly talked about Creative Common License in order to prevent plagiarism in any of Intellectual Property products the protection is made in a form a creativity license, which is widely known as Creative Common License; a global non-profit organization to empower the spreading and reusing of the creative contents by others by providing a legal law protection to the content’s owner (be it the content is in a form of a copyrights or industrial property right. With the CC license, it gives a legal ownership to any forms of creative contents or intellectual property protection. CC license offered a digital citizenship in a form of treaty to the IP holders to give them the rights they deserve over their IP products. In Indonesia, people barely aware of this regulation, thus Mr. Agung has been actively made an attempt to socialize about the important of it, he calls it “3si Campaign” (Creation, Protection, and Commercialization), its campaign purposes are to make people better understand the do’s and don’ts in intellectual Property Rights, the use of Creative Common License (look at the CC symbols from the picture below as a reference to know which contents is in public domain, which is everyone can use, quote or edit the content out of the owner permission — under the by attribution description, to the contents that is in private domain which strictly ruled, to reuse or share the contents, we need a permission from the owner) and the use of public domain.


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I got a chance to ask a question, my question is basically about censorship along with raising awareness in the important of IP, to be expected is a lot more new creative inventions, how, then, Indonesia’s government tackle this censorship issue that has became an unsolved debate, in order for the creative industry to be able to produce an original and authentic byproducts. Since the first speaker Mr.Agung, ealier told us that censorship can limit the creativity, he referred it to  Einsten popular saying, “Logic only take you from A to Z, but Imagination will take everywhere”, supposedly, imagination shouldn’t be limited, he uttered that this issue has been long became a serious concern especially to those who work in creative industry.

I, myself, partially agree with the notion, my agreement is simply because by censorshiping it will limit their creative thought, to further explore their mind — not to mention with the possibilities of emerging new creative inventions, be it the invention is in a form of a copyrights or industrial property rights, it will leave someone’s creative thoughts in their own jar of thought without giving a chance to actually actualize it, because of a mere reason that it is against censorship regulation. Given my question, mr. Agung’s answer basically, more or less the same as my agreement while Mr. Ari goes with my partial agreement, his disagreement because it is important to still consider certain points,  doesn’t necessarily limit the imagination but to set a guidelines, say “appropriateness” with it being cultural values, religion values, etc – which is, as well, become my disagreement. My question later on being picked up by Mr. Ari, as his two most favorite questions along with another and landed me a new book ^^. To wrap up in a short, I hope they keep on socializing their concern, to be expected to be held in my faculty in the future, simply because people need to know their rights, their creative rights.


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