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Pray – Sunny Hill





Save me from broken time

This song Pray by Sunny Hill is currently on repeat, ever since its released back on 2011, the song has been my most favorite ballad. It is simply heart-tearing, too painful a storylines (found out a relevant review of the song here: ). Appearently, the MV is inspired by the American movie titled “The Elephant Man”, it gives Frankestein-like vibe as well, eventhough I haven’t yet read the novel, but I can somehow relate. As for me, the dirt I managed to grab from the MV is about the living of a mutan endlessly waiting for someone to reveal him from the cage. But really, I can’t imagine living as a mutan or whatever you want to call that kind of failed or deformed creature, your existence is only to meet the dead end with zero possibility of ever leading a normal life, you are nothing but a mere guinea pig. I have an idea to make this into story, hopefully will really come into a realization, well not to mention because I fond of something related to DNA mutation or genetics in general, I feel like digging my old Campbell books all over again -pardon my sudden excitement. Seriously, the song is such an emotional turmoil to my vurnarable heart :'(, eventhough, as it is reviewed, aside from the literal storylines, it can be multi interpretated symbolically (but I’m more interested in the idea of putting up science theme into the MV). And the ‘Save me from broken time’ is forever my favorite line :).


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