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A Glimpse Into K-Indie: Standing Egg ( 스탠딩 에그)


Standing EGG to South Korea is like Mocca to Indonesia they are one of the most respectable and noticed K-indie group, consist of a group of three people, they intentionally hide their real names and instead use an epithet Egg1, Egg2 and Egg3 to naming the members. Most of their produced songs as far as my auditory is concerned and after years of becoming a loyal fan of their music, offer a soothingly melodious songs, not to mention never failed to give me an eargasm. For futher gist about their discography click this, their twitter for recent updates, and you can pay a visit on their official youtube here. Here are several of their songs that got me hooked:

Standing EGG ‘LIKE’ Album / 2012 (I personally LOVE all their songs in this album, all of them simply give me an eargasm, it’s a good study companion, though, to me)
Keep Going (A must listen piece from them, the MV is so cute and sweet, the song itself is lovely.)

They have a lot more easy-listening songs on their youtube channel, and to lurking there will give you not a whit of regret. This posting of mine doesn’t justify their qualities enough, though, as far as my so-called self-proclaimed loyal fan of them is concerned.


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