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My Last Cadance


You and I have got alot in common
We share all the same problems
Luck, love and life aren’t on our side

The book cautiously closed in friendly silent for the eyes no longer managed to spark its last iota of light. The tick-tocking sound of the clock in its persistent speed bid a vigilant banter. As if to summon the night beings to join into bandwagon, just to sing me a melodious lullaby. As petty it was to the ordinary, It was what I would call real a romantic act. I found a keeper in perfect silent. Of the passing nights without a sight of his back. A sturdy back I never got tired watching.

“It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.”

For once in a lifetime, I never grateful enough for having myself acquintanced to a single soul. Every shared lowbrow jokes brought me only an endearing guffaw, to wrap the night with the mental sight of your ludicrous weary smile. A comforting smile, for I sure know, hide a painful stories.

I’m starting to fall in love
It’s getting too much


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