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My Kind of (over simplistic) Happiness

I know this a bit too late, for the first time after the big lost in my life (I’m so going to write about it as well, but I’m not fully over it yet, so yeah, I need more time to have my self fully gathered), here the simple kind of perfect happiness for me, of having my writing highly appreciated and acknowledged. I feel accomplished –let alone motivated. I feel convinced, that I’m walking the right path –to be a writer, a novelist to be precise. Well, let me let you know the two most intellectually cherished novelist and intellectual in Indonesia @deelestari and @idetopia. 


I can’t feel anymore honored. Really. Thank you for the acknowledgment Mr and Mrs :). And here goes anothoer heartwarming compliment  cast by such a great mind @vindyo. Thank you again. I feel the same enormous amount of honor.


This my be over simplistic kind of happiness –it really is not for me, or I make too big a deal out of this, but really, I feel like I’m leading a meaningful life. Thank you God, for the mixed blessings in my life.


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