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Remembering me, discover and see

All over the world, she’s known as a girl

To those who are free, their minds shall be key


The self discovered the God in the least form

Generate spirit, steadily nurtured and kept 

Manifested in clarity of purposes

Guiding the steps from heading astray

As poetry meter has it,

the deepest spirit flames in persistent pentameter

If not letting it flares ever daringly 

Not to bend but ever so stern

It sets the soul free in its entirety 

Of having the flames define simplistic merry

To receive what set commonly or to choose the contrary

Free of mind is the key

Of what remained to self mystery 

She wants to shine, forever in time

She is so driven, she’ s always mine

Clearly and free , she wants you to be

A part of the future, a girl like me


If, God is a girl

Do you believe it? Can you receive it?

Illuminating Spirit

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