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Dearest Angel Without Wings,

How is it there heaven?

I see you there all witnessing

Every of my taken steps

Every of my made choices

Dearest Angel Without Wings,

No longer I found any of worrisome message since

No longer I heard the sound of caring voice

No replacement could do it better even

Not any sound as heartwarming and loving

As the one the ears so used

Dearest Angel Without Wings,

I thought I was much stronger as the days turned

Fact has it, I’m much brittle and hopeless

The soul I cherish, The voice I miss, The rambling set me relish

Never failed to awe me, how God made a heart of solid gold

The strongest ever, the boldest ever

The heart of indisguised angel

My dearest Angel,

The sight of ever wonderful soul

Firmly plastered in mine heartstring

With no bit of flaws

The soul of ever caring mother

The soul of ever existed angel

My dearest Angel,

When the world feels like tumbling

When the heart feels like breaking

When the self has it enough to go further

Reminiscing back every shared advices ever cast

It shouldn’t be enough a reason

To carry on living

To reason breathing

My very dear Angel,

As the palm kiss for a simple wish

For the heart as strong and bold

For the God granted your wishes

Of the best life can ever effort to me

As the afterlife got you the best kind of place

To rest the most beautiful soul

I love you, always will

My very dear, angel without wings

To My Dear Angel 

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