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Unmasked Poetry Open Mic: Noise Worth Hearing

So, what is it Unmasked Poetry Open Mic? Basically, Unmasked is an open mic poetry community based in Jakarta who holds a triannual poetry open mic held at various venues in Jakarta (@unmaskedopenmic, fb: unmasked poetry open mic). This time, on 16th of July 2016, they held the event at @america, the theme is about freedom. Long story short, it is a major soul-feeding event I got myself a chance to come. Lots of amazing poets such as @waktujeda , rara Rizal, pangeran siahaan, just to name a few. Here are the peek of today’s performance I managed to capture 


pangeransiahaan (Unmasked founder)

Ayu Mutia (As well, one of the Unmasked founder)


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