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For Healthier Body and Cleaner Environment

See there? The amounts of bearing chemicals in a single cigarette, let alone the affect of every of chemical if it is inhaled –not by you, smokers, because I don’t care– but us, passive smokers in a long period of time? You want to drag us to hell for your irresponsible doing? Good God, it seems to me, I make myself a hard-line hater of smokers, but it is of extreme understandable and acceptable reasons, let alone sound and informed judgementls, at least I’m an informed hater. Enough of this.


So, it is clear sighted, I hate smokers (I make it clear myself my future lover shouldn’t be a smoker), not excessively, but to those who inconsiderately smoke in front of chidren, pregnants and elderlies, basically every of non-smoker, simply because they deserve, we deserve, a clean and cigerrate-free in every of our taken breath, and a healthy dose of O2. The recent soon-to-be policy (heremade by Sri Mulyani as a Ministry of Economy, should have done making a long time ago, really (why the notion crossed a human mind only recently, but better late than too late still, just please make it sooner a fixed policy) and it is very supportive of Susi Pudjiastuti to go with it, as she is a smoker herself. In another news (here), the price is to raise up double or triple the initial price, the news said Rp.50.000  (just go raise it as high and unattainable as possible, madam Minister, the majority of crowd won’t object, be our Ally of Justice), as the news said again, compared to other countries, let’s take a near tangible example, Singapore (God, the country keeps on making me longing of ever going there again), we have relatively cheaper, if not the cheapest price, for a box of cigarette, in Singapore, it is 120.000 per box, we have it only 12.000, no wonder the smokers prefer to keep on eating a cigeratte than consume and feed their body with healthy fillings. I won’t go further about its obvious medical impact, I suppose the information is scattered everywhere, numerous of scientific journals and research about the danger of it, have been done doing as well, so let them have their selves informed. My only hope is, just make it, a policy, official already! Hah! 

Wait, who is the inventor of a cigeratte? Really, and what is his (I have no doubt the culprit is a man) chief motive in inventing it? What crossed his mind in making it (Obviously, he wasted too much of his time for the invention)? What is his consideration? Does he know the effect? Or even realized that the invention turned out to be only poisounous to human body? Let my wondering thought ruminate the possibilites *this is a matter of extreme important*


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