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Wander and Wonder (2)

Double Helix Bridge (The bridge is identical to the looping shape of DNA, seriously, I admire the construction of the bridge it is obvious to the naked eyes, the coutry has it a bridge so cautiosly constructed with high degree of precision to its original complicated shape, and it is even beautiful and sparkling in the night, I saw a total of 3 couples took their prewedding photo there, you guess, I had it my time that loose to even count them and made a total. I was all walking there, all the way from Marlion Park to Marina Bay then Garden By the Bay, it was probably 5 km in a total, the total of my strolling there. For information, the closest MRT to Marlion Park, as I happened to experience it first hand is City Hall or Esplanade, but I suggest the former, because you will be served with a lot of worthy of bumping sights, the country has it a really neat, well-built, thoughtfully arranged underpass. 

(the picture above is ‘wonderfull’ water laser show, it is regularly showed everyday at night @ the back of Marina Bay Shoppes (the nearest shopping place @Marina Bay)  from @8pm and @9 pm, each of the performance has it 15 minutes of water laser performance, here is the YouTube link for the full performance,  it was terribly mesmerizing, a lot of lovey dovey couples there, and I was a keen observer of their shared happiness, it’s okay, no slightest of dropping jealousy made, there will come my turn someday *evil smirk*)

It left me then with distinguished impression, as it was for the first time my sight was offered with too much eye-spoiling still and moving images, since the very first time I stepped my feet there (The airport itself is already a jaw-dropping welcome to my eyes). I departed from Indonesia at @4 p.m and arrived at Changi Airport, Terminal 1 @17 p.m (the country GMT is an hour late, the same as Malaysia, so I changed my phone time zone from +7 to +8, as someone told me). Out all the way from the immigration check, I headed directly to take a Skytrain to train me to the city, I took the route to the Tanah Merah (Tanah, what? It’s okay we have Tanah Abang here, even when it isnt a subject to compare) and then took another route to Geylang station (lucky me I met 3 Indonesian girls who happened to have their 3 days vacation there, so I wasn’t all alone even when we had to part ways at last because their staying place was @ Lavender, it is only within 2 stations distance actually, haha, but then I never met them again, I guess they had their vacation satisfyingly made).

Esplanade theater, theater by the bay (see there a good quote, ‘Culture build mankind’) No-brainer pick indeed, the place is my favorite destination, let alone some understandable reasons, it was basically because of a rather petty reason, I could only connect to the WIFI there, at the Esplanade (even my phone is picky when it comes to crucial thing like this). Esplanade is one among many of sophistichated theaters in Singapore, the theater has it various art performances regularly held there from music showcases to opera (I got a chance to come to their free performances, I guess they always have them, free performances, the free performances I managed to come was a music showcase by Zuo En, 

it was under RED DOT RADIO programme. Rather surprisingly, I didn’t get this ‘travelling’ vibe, it was as if I only moved my asses there from Indonesia to Singapore, I felt like home, most probably because Singapore is my definition of imagined country. To be continued.


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