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Yet another rambling…

​I find comfort in my own company even when I know the excessive amount of it is unhealthy. But only in solitary I can be totally sane, I can think and re-think about future possibilities. Isn’t it right now, what’s most important? It’s not that I don’t know. Solitary has transformed itself to be my source of solemnly frugal entertainment; the in-between is of pivotal importance. Because what is buzzing around the head is much crowdy it echoes in every synapses’ nook and cranny. It’s not that I don’t need another ears to share the burden but to think that each of the head bears its own heavy load evokes me an understanding to later internalize mine to ruminate what lies disguised. I guess, I need to only nurture the flames, to only keep the spirit soars steadily. You know, most importantly God knows, what’s sinking and statued in mind and soul, and it should be enough an approval to keep on roaming and leave the traces to the path ahead. God knows, your ultimates and ulteriors, that in itself should worry you no longer. It’s never worldly. It’s never greedy. It’s only mere for some but the world to self. There will come the day, the unfolding tomorrow, where you are the only one worthy of showing the tangible, I see myself proudly smiling the way Ozymandias did , “There you finally make it, now what’s next?” And that day, as I have always been had it stay put there in the mind pandora, to make the meres, turn into walking realization. My one of many reasons of being. 

When you can’t sleep, wait

For another unfolding tomorrow


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