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Wander and Wonder (3)

Me and Joan (She complimented me that my face has a good complexion, fact has it, she is just equally gorgeous)

Me and one of Indonesian (only I forgot her name, she was there for a vacation with two of her friends, and we shared the same room, only I hadn’t got a chance to talk with them that much, I suppose they had so much fun, just like the previous three I bumped into)

I’m in the mood of flashbacking, so I’d like to have it a spare time remembrance about my week stay in SG (the thrill is lingered okay, I need to do that more often –I wish a money tree wasn’t a mere term). It is a common choice for backpackers to stay at the hostel when they are travelling or backpacking abroad (come to think of it, I wasn’t even bring any backpack with me, only 2 small or let’s say medium sized bags), and I got information from my friend who once came there for a suggestion where is the cheapest –and comfy hostel to stay, and I made extended effort by searching some on Traveloka, and after did some comparing (the fee, facilities, accessiblity) I was lucky enough to get still an available room at this hostel ‘Joyfor Backpacker‘ it is only per night 125.000 (it includes breakfast, WiFi, and relatively close to the stationBugis station) for me it’s relatively affordable. I got this ‘all females’ room, and got myself well-acquintanced with the rest of them, especially these 3 gorgeous lady; 2 Chinese (Joan and Vivi), and 1 Singaporean (Cheng).

 We shared our own life stories though they are all a lot older than me, but I felt connected with them, kind of. Joan accompanied me to Universal Studio and she wanted to go to Sentosa as well, she loves beach, a lot, to the point as long as it is beach in front of her, she will get herself ready to swim, (it was funny really, the way she passionately told me about it, and I replied her, ‘I’m not a beach person, I’m a home person, I’m so passionate of having myself lock up in a room doing my own things; a secret there what things *smirk*. You can tell she is an extrovert there, but I think I talked a lot more than her, she treated me like her own little sissy) I told her I needed to have my mission accomplished (no matter how petty it is the mission, a mission still is a mission). I exchanged story a lot with Vivi (eventhough her initial country is chinesse, but she lives a resident in Japan, Vivi is an extremely keen listener, I rambled to her a lot, and she gave me a good advices) and Cheng (I shared to her what interested me, about the country, and she about her life, she is a tough and a really active person, just like Jaan, and when the three of them gathered and spoke in chinesse, I’d pretended I died.). I got myself two discounted books, when I happened to go to NUS (National University of Singapore), haven’t yet touch the books and in my waiting list of to read: the work of John Dryden and Shakespeare one. Let me go there again for another vacation, hopefully in the near future (as if I own a money tree). 


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