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Happy Birthday Mr.R!

I feel like making a special post about this one guy because he deserves a special mention. To my dearest friend, Mr.R(andom) aka B.R. I know it is your birthday on 29th October, right? I have it the date right, I guess. If ever you read this post (or you chant your magic mantra: I don’t give a damn, I don’t know but I’m used to your sarcastic disposition already, deep down within you are a really sensitive guy, but still punchable most of the time). Time flies, right? You are now at the end of your twenty something (am not being too obvious, here, right? that you are old…enough? Well, age is just a number, but you mature up along with it, hopefully). My only wish for you is to always have a bless in every passing seconds, to have a good fit, to have God granted what matters the most in your life and for you to soon have a marriage (this has been my concern, well you know my reason, right? Haha or if you don’t have a plan to in the near future, time is wisely spent by watching K-Drama, okay, that is my of great importance advice to you). Thank you for being my friend (you have been a great one, you have no idea how greatful I am to ever know you in person, this is not a sugar coated words, but what I really feel within, even when I’d like to repeat it again, punchable still) for listening to my trashy and mellow rambling and for answering my moronic questions, for suggesting me to read the works of some awe-inspiring authors; Umberto Eco, Knut Hamsun, etc (you really do open my eyes and only grow my fond in literature even greater, but Haruki for the win still okay)  I can tell you have a great patient to handle an idiot like me thank you. Once again, happy 27th mr.R(andom)! *confettis*


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