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The night was brighter when you lingered
And love was a mystery ’till you walk by myside

There in her mind plastered, turned out, waiting she for another hour, because she had it rather earlier, mistaken to another appointment. Superficially solem, but a lot chaotic within. As usually she had it the spare observing the surrounding, it made a steady tick-tock still, but it went ever faster by the moment passing. Barely she remembered the vision the last bid they made known to each other. But it triggered her only greater an excitement.

There, not to let another hour spent, she had it what had been busied the mind, waving her a welcome wrapped with a smile of friendly halo. 

Went by, the tick-tock in its continuation, alongside series of endless thrown words, without she realized it at the time the moment with him spent like an effortless river in its habitual flow. 

“He doesn’t suppose to render me this way, he shouldn’t have  unintentionally left me a remark, not when I haven’t yet done with the told to him, what has been confusing the mind.” 

But what is then unintended, left her only mysteries to be unfolded in resilient silent. 

What’s the possibilities of us knowing each other?”


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