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Confession To Broken Lady (4)

Tighten sadness were hidden, all the pain who came up were hidden

The work of the heart had been mysterious. Oftentimes, mystified. To understand a soul in its complexity seemed to be a project of  lifetime inquiry. But what made it less an effort was to whom it corcerned. Like to be a slave of uncertain conspired universe, but I objected not, instead in agreement to the direction strayed. 

What makes this one rose exceptional, sui generis, to only one eyes, amidst many other fellow that have a higher chance of offering the better seeds, having a nicer smell and much spoiling in appearance, like combined colors rose of white, pink and red or yellow, it sure is a rare one. But you captivated only to the solid red, this one solid red among any other fellow red roses, it blinded you to acknowledge the rest, why is it so? what do you think?”

It required me no long period of composing the thought to the about to say. But it was a question worthy of asking, she failed me not once with her wonder. It amused me, most of the time.

We can’t object what has been long predestined. It is the working of conspired universe in them then.” Just like the given chance of us knowing each other, but I insisted to utter the unsaid left it unfinished in mind. 

She gave me another moment of reflective silent, as if by the look of her it was a working of crafting the words in making sense of each of the spoken word to come fully herself in understandment. But it only endeared me, how the moment got her so engaged into, what I had no doubt, a just comparison to the busy producing factory. Only she had it to produce a subtle nod.

“What has been predestined, it is for sure. But in continuation of it, what keeps the affection steady to only one living, it is because the amount of time spent to water and to nurture what has been tamed, it is sui generis because it is chosen and nurtured by you, that in it self makes the rose a distinct from its kind.” 

It snaped me mind in sudden realization and left me heart soften to the given fact. I wish she knew full well what has been left spoken.


can’t catch you floating.. I can’t hold on to you


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