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Rethinking Education System

One of my classmate shared me a video, basically the video is critiziting the running education system in a broad sense. Even before I watched it, I knew it already how it was going to render the video.As it was said by the speaker, true indeed, let’s talk about it the system applied currently in Indonesia, a significance change needs to be done doing. Even when there is no such a thing like, ‘one size fits all‘ system, but we can make it less an unpreferable a phrase to go to school or collage, thus the problem of raising intrinsic motivation becomes an important issue, motivation can’t be separated with passion, to make it works out the running system, an integrated collaboration is indisputable; school apparatus and parents, as this profoundly crafted article wrote about it

it should have walked alongside hand in hand, in the future, the education system should be ‘passion-based’ system, not a uniform set system, we need this uniform consciousness, from the environment of immediate (family) to everyday (school environment) surroundings to discover one’s true potential, and shouldn’t be dogged to the common set believes of what society deemed to be prestigious, passion and dedication, what creates masterpieces and masterminds. Just like what Einstein said, “if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, they will believe they are forever an idiot.” In the video, it is greatly emphasized the significant roles a teacher bears on the shoulder. A teacher  or an educator of an enchanter what we need to cultivate in the long haul (as I previously wrote here, what makes one an enchanter) because only that type of teachers, a passionate educator in the fields fuels a great many passionate souls or learners that leads one to discovery of their true passion as well (even though this is not an only  reason, but one of a significance one). A teacher and a student of a philosopher, how this can be a walking realization? For the time being it will remain still as a mere reflection.


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