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Another Kind of Happiness

Dear good God, my life can’t get anymore perfect (let me exaggerating once in a while). Can I just die? (No, not when I haven’t yet graduated, publish my novels, continue my master degree, get married and have babies). Let alone the fact I adore the lecturer, Mr.Fachru (Nail it your life, Mr). I’m pretty much satisfied, but 100 is way too surreal a number for me (like, for real?), I’d rather have them 90 or 95, but still it doesn’t lessen my walking state of mind. My another favorite class is, Metode Penelitian Kebudayaan, I adore the lecturer as well, mr.Junaidi or mr.Jun (Mr.Jun gives this impression of a warm and enlightening father)  I didn’t give the subject my best shot, but I’d rather have it excellent (A or A-) or terrible (C or D), in the middle is never my preference, I hate ‘B’ (but I got one, B). There is this one class that I’m accidentally taking this term, Religi Jawa, but turned out to be the class that enlightened me the most (And we are the last class to be able to take the course in undergraduate because the course can only be taken by Master Student by then, judging by its materials of readings, the mid and final assignments are considered advanced in term of difficulty, so it is of understandable reason). I learn to know my root, I know myself even better by then because what I seek is pure understanding never a grade (to always bring ‘the key’, counciousness, be conscious and in control of yourself (the act of mastering yourself, mikrokosmos; jagad cilik), in every of chosen endeavour, and to have clarity of purposes, sangkan paran, in order to contribute yourself in the betterment of your surrounding, Memayu Ayuning Bawono (makrokosmos; jagad gedhe). Mam Turita just like Mr.Jun gives me an impreassion of a caring, warm but firm at the same time and discipline mother. I’d love to see the rest still (the rest are okay, I expect a lot better in two courses, but I’m satisfied, let’s do it better next term, I make the post to remind me when I feel uninspired. The only thing I want to see is my progression). Now, just enjoy the loose! Pretty much loose~


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