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If you are allowed to read only 1 book in your entire life, what book would you recommend? by Redika Riasari


I noticed several people mentioning ‘The Little Prince’ as the book they would love to read in their entire life. It is of understandable reasons to me, because I have the same pick as well. This book is simple inspiring, relatively less in pages but dense in meaning. I read the book several times already and get bored of it not yet, if anything, I love to read it in my spare time in order to keep my inner childhood alive; because as we grow older, we get busier, we tend to put aside our old interest for a reason, ‘I’m too old for this’, this is happened to me, I make my age as an excuse of not doing silly thing. It’s okay, in fact, once in while, to pamper yourself. To make mistakes still, to keep our inner child-like but not childish.

The Little Prince” teaches me what is essential in life: imagination, dedication, love and loyalty. That anything worthwhile doesn’t always have to do with matter of consequences. It is what you have done doing to others that leaves them feeling meaningful and thus our usefulness for others, what as well, defines our essence as a human being. Not what clothes’ brand you wear, how much it cost your every wearings. Not how wealthy you are, how much it cost to buy every sparkling trappings. Or any other worldly justifications. Self-sufficiency or self-abundance is beyond material possession; not your owning gazillion of stars, not as well your pointless pursuit of knowledge in geography, but what is its extended benefit to others, what defines your worth as an earthling. Because we end up leaving this world, nearly bare-skinned at last. The essense of living, most of the time, can be found, in the very simplest form, and it is nothing grandious. As simple a happiness as being able to turn on the lamp for others, in order to radiate some light the way the lampligher did. Lead that kind of lamplighter life! The life of value!


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