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Embrace The Limit


“It is precisely in knowing its limits that philosophy exists.” Immanuel Kant

‘We are continually finding out more about the universe, but it seems that there is always more to discover. It may be that there really are no limits to what there is to know. Some philoshopers have asked if we are capable of knowing everything there is to know, or of if there are some things we can never know’.

The more I read, the emptier I become. Thus, I understand the limit of knowing; of knowing my limit of never fully knowing. Somehow, I come to the point, I read simply because I love the act of it, but barely grasp the essence of it, seconds passed to minutes to greater measurement of an hour and come to the full loop of a day, but I feel so much emptier, there is this asking to myself, when I have it enough, I have it too much. Thus, I come to learn, boredom is a silent killer and passion is never contant; even when it is always there. There is always a limit of everything, and when you come to the peak, in this point, a person may take a wrong leap; another way of saying it, too much in a comforst zone. And then seek for another source of excitement, it can be misleading instead of nurturing and cultivating what long has been there, it can be destructive instead of constructive. So, it is wise to learn how to counter when we come to whatever limit; limit in learning, limit in loving, limit in knowing. Embrace this fact, aside from the fact of our comes to limit, there lies the great unknown still.

“No man’s knowledge here can go beyond his experience.” – John Locke



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