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Prince In The Wood

Earlier this morning, I randomly felt like watching videos, and. there is this Arya’s video review ( a film ‘Cinderella‘. He shared to me the link quite a long time ago (well, it is so much of a long, I guess). I remember the first time I watched the video I laughed myself so hard because he narrated it that funny (not to mention his witty commentary, he has such a critical mind and speaks fluent English, he has been my partner in exchanging thoughts back then as well). So, all I manage to grab from the video is one of Disney rules in finding the Prince: I suppose, I’ll follow the Disney rules personally make by him, especially this: ‘if you want to find a true love, find him in the wood’ (Okay, Arya, I’m so going to find my prince charming in the wood then, he has been long waiting for me I suppose). There is this one favorite quote from the movie, “Have courage and be kind”, Cinderella’s mother message to her. Well, it makes me remember my mother messages to always take good care of myself and to never skip a meal. All in all, Arya makes a really excellent video review, his commentary is so amusing it brings me an endless laugher (as he usually is, with his witty and somewhat comical commentary). I still owe him another video, I’ll watch it this week, and give him my two cents (even though, it actually not really that important). Keep on reviewing, Arya! You have there a special talent as a movie reviewer.


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