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Grab The Bull By The Horns


“Whatever you are going through is not worth dying.”

You gotta grab the bull by the horns, my friend. That’s the only way to go. When the story is told, we can go home.” Sailing Away, Travis

One of the lesson learned from the Little Prince is ‘not to seek for anyone’s approval’, ‘not to make them sayings, mainly the naysayers, as a sole considerations to your making a leap and decisions (the narrator gave up his dream of becoming a painter because of what grown up said to him that his writing of boa constrictor digesting an elephant not in any way resembled a boa but instead mistaken it with a hat, then he gave up what he thought then could have been and probably was a magnificent career for him as a painter. Some lesson can be learned from this, but one of them is believe in yourself but know your limit), that we should trust our inner voice; and instead of comparing to others be grateful and in control of our own pace, our own rendering flow. Each of existing souls bears its own burden, and obstacles to overcome in order to level up; and God is ever so wise a creator to test us only what supposedly makes us stronger and better soul. Thus, whatever you are going through is not worth dying, because once the storm is over you will make shape a brand new self; wiser and  humbler. Let’s walking the idiom up above, grab the bull by the horns; face the difficulties and obstacles with the chin up still and comes up the winner of the game of our lives! There lies the rainbow after storm; and yet to come another storm  to have us yet another rainbow, that’s how the story of life goes, the point is to keep chasing away the blues and to keep on sailing!


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