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Round and Sound

She took yet another deep breath

Reminiscing yet another remambrance

It was inscribed then in a left corner 

Of the nook long had been neglected

She had her eyes wide open

Regretted nothing but a sigh of relief

Had she made a leap of what was predestined

Never then drown and frown of showing fawn

As inexperienced came to a new expose

Of leaving glittery and flattery words crafted 

By then; series of train of memories hitherto inspired

The mind in transquil to give birth yet series of tandems

The better well-examined is to have it eclectic

A perfect round of seemingly ascetic

But ever so solid and sound: round.

She then took yet another long sigh

End it in a wishful murmur, “Time rendering never betray. Never astray. So, stay.”


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