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Now the only girl I’ve ever loved has gone away
But little does she know that when she left that day

Along with her she took my heart

Whether or not it is fair is no longer a big deal; it is a play reverse

All she knew ever since then, everything is no longer the same

The render of time, as steady still, gives the soul full force

The heart is stolen in an effortless way, in an elusive possible way

Even when she lied sight to myriad of faces; all seemed to resemble him

She is afraid of incapable loving the same; the traces much precious in remembrance

The tears flowed; said she overwhelming with love it set her relief

And it is enough, it gives her courage and she knows full well 

What is it other than ‘love’?

Rain, won’t you tell her that I love her so

Please ask the sun to set her heart aglow

Rain in her heart and let the love we knew start to grow


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