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Strangers On The Train

Is there a joke you need to make?
Is there a smile you need to fake?

You cut so deep, you hit the bone

​She lost in sirkular wander

Threw out glares what seemingly in motion outside the train

Along with it, she guided stark firm by luminous force

The scenery shifted a dim cloudy 

as the skies changing forth its clothes; most probably weary

She left far back her heart but she didn’t yet realized what’s coming next

Not until she made a stolen tilt; he besides ever so solemly undistorted

It amused her but left her wanting more in constant glaring 

Finding an excuse of her own made okay

There is so much still to explore.”

On the long journey of two strangers on the train, where the story first began

Is there a flame you need to light?

Is there a neck you need to bite?

Or does it take to guide you home?


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