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Clandestine End

If the world isn’t turning, your  won’t heart return.  Anyone, anything, anyhow.

What lied ahead of her eyes only deepen her wound, had she imaginary eraser it would make an upturn of her state of mental peace. She had the strolling much as it was tired her out physically, lessen the pain of broken. “We are not even a lovebirds.” She wished for the first time to have a backward of acquaintance and have a leap of memories; with the hope of to have it back her state of mental well-being in its initial default. ‘Even when it wasn’t any better, but not worse at least.’

She crossed the bridge of spiraled DNA. She walked the night beauty of spoiling scenery. Of sparkling quasi fireflies, only the view had it sparkling skyscrapers. The stroll she had in solitary, the accompaniment of ever so silent a shadow, she couldn’t feel more than enough. ‘Hear the wind sings, I hear the wind sing. As if to cast me an understanding blow. There will come the day to have it currenrly walking state a waste of seconds.’ She could have it the better, because she deserved it. 


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