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Bear With Me, Will You?

Ever since he is around my life is shifted a little brighter and lighter. I feel so grateful and I can not feel anymore of it. He has been so keen in listening to my rambling, so patient and never losing his temper in handling my rollercoaster mood out of this maze of love (I think I make shame of my age because instead of me being a good sister to him, it is him being such a reliable everything ^^). My dear dear Achmad Anggawirya, I cherish your existence dearly in my life. I’m glad for having you around to share and to care. I’m the luckiest sister for having someone so patient and well-tempered like you. Thank you for coming into being, for every treat, for the time spent and for the crazinest. The future is far ahead of us still and it begins by crafting a single day, so, better make the best out of it (of our own standard). Don’t be too cocksure of everything, since everything still is a mystery, including love, right? Bear with me, will you? 


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