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Happy 28th!



You’re Never Alone – Rick Price

I’ve got a picture hanging on the wall
It’s hard to believe you were ever that small
Now you’ve got bigger ideas, greater ambitions
Higher to reach but further to fall

It used to be you needed me
But, now you’ve grown so tall and strong
Now you’re on your own

But when the walls of your world come tumbling down
When your heart starts breaking
And there’s no one around
Just look over your shoulder
Wherever you roam
Remember, you’re never alone

You can love without limit
From deep in your soul
If you keep a young heart, son
You will never grow old
You can fly to the moon
As high as it seems

But you can crash to the ground
On the wings of your dreams
But you will see there will be
Times when you feel ten feet tall
Times you have it all
I can’t stop you from living
I can’t blame you for trying
I can’t stop you from loving
Can’t keep you from crying


Happy 28th, Mas Lingga, again, how’s heaven? 🙂
That’s one of your favorite song, now become mine as well. Thank you for being a good role model for your brother and sister. I remember you once so patiently taught us English –and now, we both grow used to it, it’s because of you, thank you.
I love you, that’s a simple sentence I sadly never once got a chance to say it directly to you, but I love you, WE love you! Let me know, how’s heaven, okay? *in my dream*


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