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Seat of emotions

As much as I like someone right now, I cant help but take a step backward. Like really I’m a mess. A total mess right now. So many things I need to fix before I can convince myself that I’m ready to be anyone’s anything. And as much as I want that one settle guy to be my real one along the way, again, I can’t help but think. Is it even possible to wish for it? Is there really that one guy I can rely on? Can I trust him? How can I know he’s sincere? What if I’m getting dumped?

Put aside the fact that you have everything. Like all the-guy-i-want-to-marry materials. But still, too much ‘what if’ because I barely know you.  I can’t only use my feeling and overlook the wisdom of my brain. Not to mention there are these things that keep echoing, demand me to unveil them from a box full of dreams.

Hey you Mr.Right! If it’s really you that I’m seeking for. Please hold on! Let me wander my wonder for awhile. Stay put there in mind! I need you to be there, watching me navigating and roaming for the sake of my very own belief. I’ll definitely comeback to find you again. Only if it’s really you. Let God unfolds the package in the right time. I know His timing is never falling wide of the mark.

Time flies. Keep still. Stay put there. The Flame. The Spark. I don’t to mind my shadow to be only best companion, for the time being, guess someone is right, at the end of the day, we will end up alone. I’m not complaining, the given time is hopefully well spent. And about romance, God knows, He prepares the best, for I sure believe. 


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