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Let Loose

She played the game. He followed the game and pulled himself away halfway. “Love never been this confusing for her. Nor did she ever thought it would take form in a way she least fathomed it. She should not have allowed anyone, maybe she was just too stupid and naive. She thought it was enough. It made her torn and crashed. As days passed, she felt so painful, she no longer acknowledged what was previously so obvious. She wanted a shoulder but she had her loyal companion of her gloomy shadow. Much as she felt grateful because she could not beg for more, for what had been offered to her. It was enough, she felt so enough. But she wished still she never pressed the button. “Could I just rewind? Or I should just forget everything? I don’t even feel sure enough, whether I want you to come back or let me move pass everything. But I hope you will always be happy and healthy. Those days were passed the most memorable.”


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