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It Must Have Been Love

Now, each traces ever made left her a moment’s stop in a flash remambrance. It hurt her how she realized it far too late. The places they used to shed laugher, the moment they had painted in walking side by side. She tried to make transparent what had been bothered her, figured out what seemingly played act beguiled could leave her wounded. She felt sheltered by his side. She felt so guarded. She felt so blessed but she endlessly questioned her heart. “It must have been love, but it is over now.”

She strolled back the taken path with him in regretful sigh, either because she felt much too tired of keeping her being sentimental all this passing while or she felt ineffable guilty for making everything gone astray. “It must have been good, but I lost it somehow.” The least she could do was wished for the wind to blow him a whisper, her being grief-stricken ever since then. “If there is anything, I’d love you to know, I’m so sheltered by your heart. It was all that I wanted, now I’m living without.” Should it initially devoided of genuine intention, she let the time held the truth sub rosa.


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