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Laggard Confession

Love is blinding when your timing’s never right

Oh but who am I to beg for difference


3rd of August 2016 – 3rd of August 2017. It has been a year since the last second times of our encounter. You were waiting for me under the tree with your casual red color T-shirt. I was looking at you from afar. If I knew it was to be my last time of ever to be by your side, I would love to record everything. It was your cynically beautiful heart what left me then with a distinct impression. I wish you knew, what you had left me with ever since then that I  always looked at your figure. It took me a toll of probably hurting another heart. How does it feel like to know you further? Will we ever have another chance? Even if not, it doesn’t make you any less valuable and it doesn’t change the stories I’m crafting about you


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