Date a Girl Who Writes

Date a girl who writes. Date a girl who understands both the simplicity and the depth of the written word. Date a girl who lists one of her heroes as a philosopher or poet. Date a girl who writes because she is a born storyteller.

You’ll learn that the only way she knows what she’s thinking or feeling is through writing. She’ll be articulate and poetic, without the slightest ego.

The girl who writes will have a collection of lists at any given time, not only to-do lists, but life lists; a bucket list, a list of her favorite things, a list of quotes that inspire her.

As a writer she will be a natural listener. So tell her stories. You will begin to recognize what’s important to her or what she wonders about through her writing. She finds writing the only way to explore some of life’s greatest mysteries. So talk to her about your thoughts and ideas. She will revel in them.

With this, she will love to read. She is inspired, enlightened and learned by literature. Read her book suggestions and talk about them with her. She feels satisfied and connected when someone enjoys the same literature as her. Read together.

Date the girl whose voice is so moving that you can hear it in her written words. Spend quality time with her to the point where you almost, but not fully, understand her love for words. She will explain it to you: “I love the twist and tangle of words as they enflame human emotions.” Respect her passion. She will write for a living because she will not know how to make a living sans writing. She believes in passion and when she discovers it within you, she will forever believe in you.

The girl who writes will possess a perspective all her own. As a writer she continually explores her own mind, heart and soul—because of this she is self-aware and introspective. She will have spent time and need more time spent in other worlds—metaphorically and physically. Take her on adventures. Her writing will speak to universal truths…show her the world.

Date a girl who writes because the infinite abilities of her vast mind will astonish you day after day. The way she thinks about the world—as if a short trip to the grocery store has the potential to hold as much meaning as a backpacking trip across Asia—is unparalleled. Learn from her. Realize that the simplest tasks—and words—can, and often do, hold the deepest meaning.

By dating a girl who writes you will discover that there are no goodbyes. She will write about you and she will write to you. Her handwritten letters will captivate you and scare you all in one breath. Be happy that she knows how to tell you what she’s feeling and thinking with precision and grace—that is a luxury in most relationships.

Don’t get frustrated with her when she desires to write about everything that happens between you two—it relaxes her. You may feel like you’re losing her to her writing but you must understand that she writes what she knows, encased in imagination. So be thankful when you identify with a character she has created. You are the chief inspiration in her life—and she will always be drawn back to you. She is independent in her mind yet recognizes the necessity and beauty of experience and relationships.

Date a girl who writes because she understands and appreciates her own worth so fully that she can confidently write about why you should date her.

When you are ready, propose to her in a way that challenges her writing. Give her a moment to write about that can only be shown, rather than told, through words. Let her know how you feel in the best arrangement of words you can conjure up. She will be thrilled by your valiant efforts to connect with her.

For your wedding, the girl who writes will carefully craft her own vows. They will leave you speechless—managing to capsulate your time together thus far into a tightly woven tale of two strangers becoming one.

Marry the girl who writes because she understands that one doesn’t succeed at writing—it is a continual, ever-evolving, growing craft of experience and practice…just like your marriage. And when you’re ready to have children, they will benefit from her gift of writing. They will be well educated (if not for good genes) on the proper usage of grammar and literary devices.

Marry a girl who writes and she’ll teach your children the value of words—the most powerful weapon used by mankind. She will instill in them the same passion that she was born with and that you have come to know as second nature…because with the combined passions of your family, you have the power to change the world.

Before she speaks, her mind inscribes her thoughts into words—lying in the empty space between her eyes and the atmosphere. So know that if you argue—which you will—she’ll be able to keep things sensible, calm and mature. She will read her own works so many times that she will look to you for reassurance of sanity. Reassure her.

The girl who writes knows that the power of the written word can transcend time and space. This is why she will keep a journal of your lives together. And when you are old and gray she will present it to your grandchildren as a way to inspire, encourage and challenge them to live a life so spectacular that it, too, must be documented.

Find a girl who writes because you deserve someone who will motivate you and humble you each and every day. You deserve to learn from the teachings of your own great writer that eloquent words are essential to human life. If her mind bursts into flames with an idea at 3 a.m. on a Saturday morning, let her write…because chances are, you lit the spark. And for her, the only thing that will be better than writing about the love you share is living the love you share.

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Dear future husband, we will both lucky for having each other. Me for having the guy with the most beautiful heart and you for having me by yourside. Bear with me! ^^

Refleksi Untuk Negeriku


“There will be no justice in the world until philosophers became kings.” Dikutip dari pidato Plato (429-347 BCE) berjudul The Republic (1961). Visi sosial yang disingkap oleh Plato hanya akan berhasil apabila sebuah negara dipimpin oleh seorang filsuf yang berkiblat pada kebenaran. Di lain sisi, Wartenderg (2009) dalam bukunya berjudul Big Ideas For Little
Kids menambahkan “Education will not live up to its ideals until we make every student a philosophers”. Seyogyanya Indonesia sebagai negara demokrasi
mengadopsi proses berpikir filosofis yang mengedepankan independensi, radikalitas, kritis dan sistematis. Dan pendidikan merupakan aparatus utama untuk menghasilkan seorang pemikir independen sekaliber filsuf dunia.

Aspek lain yang tidak kalah penting dengan kemampuan berpikir filosofis adalah kemampuan berbahasa asing. Dan usia golden age adalah saat yang tepat untuk
menanamkan etika berpikir filsafat serta mengajarkan bilingualisme karena
pada fase tersebut otak mereka lebih reseptif dan pembangunan sinapsis berjalan lebih cepat (Fernald & Simon, 1984). Dibahas dalam buku The Bilingual Edge (King & Mackey, 2009), dan pada artikel seperti ‘The Power of
the Bilingual Brain’ (TIME Magazine; Kluger, 2013) mengupas keuntungan menjadi bilingual pada usia dini. Salah satu keuntungan yang dipaparkan yakni anak bilingual mengetahui beberapa bahasa yang penting untuk
keperluan dunia kerja, travel, berinteraksi secara efektif dengan kerabat, kemampuan mempertahankan tradisi keluarganya dan berteman dengan seseorang dari latar belakang yang berbeda. Disamping keuntungan yang berhubungan dengan linguistik, para peniliti melakukan investigasi lebih lanjut apakah menjadi bilingual memberikan keuntungan non-linguistik. (Akhtar & Menjivar, 2012).

Dikutip dari Republika dalam artikel “Kemampuan Bahasa Inggris di Indonesia Rendah”, pada tahun 2011 berdasarkan survei yang dilakukan oleh lembaga pendidikan dunia EF English First mengumumkan laporan komprehensif pertama tentang indeks kemampuan berbahasa inggris atau EF English Proficiency Index (EF EPI) di 44 negara. Bahasa Inggris di negara-negara itu bukan merupakan bahasa ibu atau bahasa pertama yang digunakan. Kemampauan bahasa Inggris di
Indonesia berada sangat rendah di urutan ke-34, sedangkan Malaysia tembus
di urutan ke-9 (2011). Direktur Marketing English First, Ignatious Untung dalam portal berita Republika juga menyatakan bahwa tidak bisa dinafikan kemampuan berbahasa asing utamanya bahasa inggris berpengaruh dalam mengangkat wibawa Indonesia di dunia international. Konsekuensi logis ini berlaku karena potensi yang dimiliki negeri ini dapat dikomunikasikan dengan baik menggunakan bahasa international tersebut. Pertanyaan yang juga menjadi tantangan bagi pemerintah dan segenap aparatus pendidikan untuk kembali membenahi dan mengevaluasi sistem pendidikan di Indonesia, bertepatan dengan hari Pendidikan Nasional yang jatuh hari ini 2 Mei, adalah “bagaimana menanamkan proses berpikir filosofis dan meningkatkan kecerdasan linguistik semenjak dini?”, pertanyaan yang akan tetap relevan seiring berkembangnya zaman.

10 out of 10

Hello, can hear you always you calling me again
yes its true, I want you
You are my special friend
I don’t want mixed emotions
I just wanna play
I need a man to give me 10 out of 10
10 out of 10, 10 out of 10


My kind of ’10 out of 10′ guy

“She left yet another trace on the place with dense crowd; spent yet another hour observing every head moved pass, made an exchanged gestures to one another they happened to have an interaction with. It’s interesting to cautiosly observe human relation and make guess their processing thoughts from afar. She then looked back her own several brokens, it chuckled her but she felt perfectly okay. Because she wanted to play still, but she has eyes ever so keen in search as she wants it the guy to give her 10 out of 10. ”

I heard this song 10 out 10 by Louchie Lou and Michie one currently, the lyrics is pretty much powerful, sexy and playful to me (let alone the physical intention, my point is of greater extent than that). By definition, 10 out of 10 means something you consider to be amazing or excellent in qualities; others are simply pale in comparison ( I love how women depicted as a figure of full authority in the song and knew full well of what they wanted out of a guy, of their feminine mystiques worth; in this case in choosing, running and rendering the relationship they want. There has long been existed feminism movements, we have them three in progressing to four, with each of them brough out about certain issue, from the basic political rights such as casting a vote to freedom of expression and equality. Even when I’m not entirely against the notion of binary structure, so long as we make balance each of the roles, it works complimentary instead of causing friction. It is okay for us women to be bold and show some courage in us; especially regarding things we deserve in any case not only relationship without putting aside what makes us distinguished and no longer considered as a second-rank but rather an equal. What I’m against is basically, the act of exploiting either of the roles. We have full rights to define our own kind of ’10 out 10’ guy; for me it is the kindest, the charming, and the brainy one still. What is your kind of you ‘10 out of 10’ Mr?