Confession to Broken Lady (12)

Is there any body going to listen to my story?

All about the girl who came to stay


The way Aomame and Tango united at last, much as it bored me the slowly progressing pace, but it tells through the passing time, even in the oddest possible ways: what meant to be, meant to be. It shouldn’t be that fast, but he left me unintended remark, only to awe me, only to have me further rethought of every two cents, and only to make know myself better; of what is a matter of significant important and what is not worth a thought .” 

In between remembrance, she walked the her thought once passed in tandem with the soul she adored, she remembered every chunk of memories she once had on word detail; exchanged outlooks and casted joking. She had enough in remembrance to end it always with a light smile. 


The Diary of a Late Bloomer (1)

Just like a summer breeze,

I still can remember

The gentleness of your smile

Would you mind?
Someday, if ever I forgot the days. Would you mind to come again? Would you mind to once again try to get me? Would you mind to remind me what was forgotten? I’d like to know about you once again, I’d like to have another and many others shared days. I’d love a chance to know you, like I have never known you.

Would you?

Confession To Broken Lady (11)

Did she understand it when they said

That a man must break his back

To earn his day of leisure?


She had it the story rendered in a slow pace, the way she had it a leisure stroll in remembrance; it brought back always old memories but it set relief her mind and put it at rest. She remembered the night she once had, that one night spent, she wished it last a lifetime but she couldn’t wish the better farewell, it was enough of walking back home without him but to have him face and waving her goodbye in front; it didn’t mind her much in solitary she had been too used of it and she wanted to share it not for the time being. But left her feeling only firmly sure; of the whys what made him dearly cherished.


Will she still believe it when he’ s dead?

Ah , girl , girl , girl