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Beyond binary persona: no plough stops for the dying man

Identity can be reshaped and reformed easily in this day and age of social media. Online Social Network (OSN) causes this extreme feeling and urge for the ‘need to belong’ to certain group or to be in constant contact with other people and it leads us to fear of missing out syndrome (FOMO) (everything excessive is unhealthy). We cultivate and curate a public persona through the OSN to project what we want others to perceive us to be; and mostly by creating a good image of us. We are scare and afraid of being seen or judged as a flawed and imperfect human being by being overly concern on our public persona. I have been a user of social media myself, only I use it to have myself informed on the subjects that interests me namely literature, philosophy, culture, science or any other light content. It is great to make use social media as a token to promote, express and or anything of the like our preferred identity but too much exertion may make someone appears to be trying to hard to impress and instead of genuine, it will give off the impression of the reverse. As it is portrayed on the picture about the tragedy of Icarus. People would only take notice in a brief of what he was doing; if not with prejudices and swiftly move and preoccupy with their own things without minding too much. The point is, the universe doesn’t revolve around us. So, it is better not to seek an affirmation or a validation of what we want to be perceived. And to be our truest self in a world of constant trying to impress is the utmost privilege one can afford.


The Diary of a Late Bloomer (170)



What I Talk About When I Talk About My Favorite Author

For those who grow accustomed to Haruki Marukami’s works should have noticed and nodded in agreement to the Bingo of his oeuvres. And If there is one forte I wish I had from Murakami’s Bingo it is the ability to speak with cats, the same way Nakata in ‘Kafka on the Shore’ did in his mission on searching for the missing cat,  only for a rather odd reason of further clarifying the tragedy that once happened to me not too long ago. Murakami involved cats in his novels quite so often.

As it is written in this article ( ), the article wrote the quite significant amount of his works with cats in it and the story of his cats. Aside from ‘Kafka on The Shore‘, it made a portion in IQ84 as well


Haruki published an excerpt from his novel 1Q84 on The New Yorker ( ) under the tittle ‘Town of Cats’ to make his aficionado over cats obvious. Only recently, I read the news that mentioned Haruki’s future plan to host his own radio program


The program will be aired on 5th of August 2018 according to another news  ( ). And what I find exceptionally interesting about it is Haruki will talk about his love for music


Judging from his song playlist and how he exerted the songs just eloquently in his works, I admit that he has a legit good taste in music. I got to know my current favorite singer Stanley Kent after exploring his playlist as well. And not a single of his song playlist sounds out of tune in my ears, including the classical instruments.


Not only about music, Haruki will also talk about his love for literature and running (he wrote a memoir about it, ‘What I Talk About When I Talk About Running, how he underwent a major lifestyle shift that led him to his dedication to running, especially marathon). I’m so anticipating the program even though I can’t barely catch up his talking in Japanese but I hope for someone to make a subtitle on it or let’s hope, first and foremost, that it will be accessible for the listeners outside the country.

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Letters to four letters word (14)

This may be sound exaggerating to you, but I have an emotional turmoil, it’s two times already, I feel like throwing tantrum but it will be ridiculous to blame a cat in which its primary source of internalization is instinct. But I really can not keep my cool this time, I’m going overboard, you know how much I love chicken, right? It is to the point of unhealthy obsession. So, I bought a fresh whole chicken this afternoon, I usually cook myself because it is more economical and it is more satisfactory, I managed to cook like 1/4 of it and the cat in my dorm ate the rest of it, I don’t know cat nowadays is that intelligent to open a refrigerator, it is twice already, this is unacceptable, do you think is it okay if I poison the cat? It should be okay”