A Chance 

​When I see myself during these times

I feel that I really am young

Even with you in front of me

I don’t know what to do


He thought of the way, he pulled the courage to break the cage. He found out at last and series of exchanged thought came along the way ever since then. She was so much a young girl despite her age, a walking contradiction, a person of multilayered interpretation. Read her once would never be enough. It took another flip. And she was in a state of constant wander, why did it become a matter of paramount importance to her? When he thought she could have it the easiest way imaginable.


Will the day I hold her hand ever come?

Will the day I kiss her above her closed eyes also come



To her, love is just a feeling of one moment

He rather observed, from way far a distance. She stumbled, she crashed and torn. It was obvious in the look of her. To my great curiosity, I took a sneak into her, just so I could get a better glimpse of her. She looked weary and unloved but she nailed the look with full  proud. I’d love to pat her back lightly just to tell her, “You, too, worth something. I can tell.”


That beautiful girl, still hasn ’ t had

A taste of sincere love with someone

It’s obvious

Dear, Future Lover

The song we used to listen to together a long time ago

It makes me stop in my tracks again

I can feel your presence in this very street

I have a feeling that I’m going to meet you again here


How are you, Dear? I miss you already, will you really come in my future? How is everything going on? Are you doing well? Life gets hard, it is getting tough, but I know you will win the battle nonetheless, so do I. I love you so much it hurts. Every traces you left, I cherish them all dearly. Walk proud the taken path, will you? Work hard and never give in. I’m behind you when you feel uninspired. I will blow you the sweetest words utter to get your spirit boost up again, just so you realize, your existence matters to someone, thus never feel less assured of yourself. We will walk the path together again, we will share laugher, for I sure believe, love is a matter of timing. Show yourself up when I feel ready to commit and my love for you won’t lessen any bit. See you, in the future! My dear dear future lover, future partner in crime :). It is to no one, but you, It can be you or you.