The Diary of a Late Bloomer (125)

Letters to four letters word (14)

This may be sound exaggerating to you, but I have an emotional turmoil, it’s two times already, I feel like throwing tantrum but it will be ridiculous to blame a cat in which its primary source of internalization is instinct. But I really can not keep my cool this time, I’m going overboard, you know how much I love chicken, right? It is to the point of unhealthy obsession. So, I bought a fresh whole chicken this afternoon, I usually cook myself because it is more economical and it is more satisfactory, I managed to cook like 1/4 of it and the cat in my dorm ate the rest of it, I don’t know cat nowadays is that intelligent to open a refrigerator, it is twice already, this is unacceptable, do you think is it okay if I poison the cat? It should be okay”


The Diary of a Late Bloomer (124)

Don’t need too much talking without saying anything. All I need is someone who makes me want to sing.

Letters to four letters word (13)

I’m facing my room’s window and reminiscing, it was only yesterday, it feels like yesterday. The last time we met, the goodbye we bid to each other, I will forever treasure it. It was awkward but you were there at last for a while and you listened. I will keep the pictures of us, treasure and cherish what we had in mind and heart. Sadly, we don’t own destiny and we can not frozen time from moving forward. It was over and now I’m falling even deeper. Dearest you, the kind of little prince I adore so much, I never thought I could spare a space this big for a person, now I will let you wander, and so do I. Let’s work on our futures and please don’t bend!”

The Diary of a Late Bloomer (122)

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“I know its not right, but it seems unfair. That the things are reminding me of you.”

Letters to four letters word (11)

“Dearest you, this is so emotionally draining, I have been going crazy myself. When I wish I could have myself a shoulder to cry on, when I wish I could have myself someone to be in comfortable silent with. When I wish it was you. You have been a great person, so long as I know you, but you are way too young and we are way too different, and I’m the one who takes everything way too seriously. This line from The Foreshadow speaks loud about us, “It would be like reading a book you know very well, but reading it backward, from the final chapter down to chapter one, so that the end is already known to you”. If ever you read this letter, this has been so turtoring to me, I know this is going to hurt me. But I believe this, “Time heals everything”. Dearest you, I’m sorry for yet another emotion outburst. It’s because I’m too afraid of losing you, but I know have to let you wander.”